Print your Lotto tickets - Edit your bingo cards - Play draws on computer

Lotto tickets - Bingo cards is a program for organizers of Lotto - Housie (also bingo). This software allows you to print game cards automatically or manually if you already have game cards.
In addition, it makes it possible to carry out the draws and to control the winning numbers.

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Print your lotto tickets, your bingo cards

Lotto tickets - Bingo cards is the ideal application to generate your game cards in seconds.
You can thus produce up to 10,000 playing cards. Several models of cards are available.
A personalization module offers you the possibility of creating your own card templates.

Present, illustrate your cards according to your desires... With the help of personalization, choose your card dimensions, your colors, the font, the positions of the cards... Add pictures...


Lotto - bingo games - Animate play draws

Check the winning cards of your Lotto / bingo

Above is the draw and winning card control screen.

Lotto tickets - Bingo cards offers the tools necessary for the smooth running of the draws [ Control of the winning grids ... ]
Several themes skins and kinds of viewing the draws are possible: In full screen mode (with the presence of a number grid), animation of the numbers drawn, multiple screen displays, alternated...
An option to read the drawn numbers is available.

The drawing of numbers can be automatic or manual (by double-clicking on the grids numbered from 1 to 90).


Lotto tickets - Bingo cards

Program for download at:


This program works on a PC equipped with Windows, having the following minimum configuration:


If you have any questions, remarks you can send an email, to obtain the address follow the following instructions:

Open the software [ Main program window ]
Menu > Get Full Version See also the help file...